Monday, January 17, 2011

Summary T1 W2 (10 January - 14 January)

For this week, we recapped that:
For expansion = 
a) (a+b)² = a²+2ab+b²
b) (a-b)² = a²-2ab+b²
c) (a+b)(a-b) = a²-b²

a²+b² is NOT equals to (a+b)² 
a²+b is equal to (a+b)²-2ab
    For Factorization - 

    c) via common factors
      3a + 12 = 3(a+4)

      b) via perfect square

        a²+4a+4= (a)² + 2(a)(2)+(2)² = (a+2)²
        a²-4a+4 = (a)² + 2(a)(-2)+(-2)²
          = (a)² - 2(a)(2)+(-2)²
           = (a-2)²

        c) via trail and error

        d) via grouping 
          px+py+qx+qy = p(x+y) q(x+y)

          For this week, we have done these examples:
          Example 01:
          Note: Find the Pattern - ½ - ⅓  same as 1/x - 1/x+1

          Example 03:
          Note: Factorize & Simplify each fraction independently 
          *Take Note!
          Steps for solving questions-
          1. Factorize the denominator of the fraction independently
          2. If there are two separate fractions, factorize each fraction it by itself 
          3. Find the LCM of both the fractions 
          4. Make the two fractions into one.

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